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Arizona State University, Coming Fall 2023

What is sunhacks?

What is sunhacks?

sunhacks is a yearly hackathon (ideathon, coding marathon, prototyping marathon, etc) designed to support students in their innovative journeys. sunhacks is for students of all skill levels, and our job as organizers is to support you by providing the resources you need to achieve your development dreams. We provide you with workshops, mentors, community connections, and peers who are motivated to help each other succeed and reach their goals.


Beginner Friendly.

  • Interested in attending but worried that you might not have what it takes? Fear not! We’ve designed our hackathon to be beginner friendly from the get-go, complete with intro-level workshops, a network of mentors, and as much organizer support as you can handle! No coding experience necessary!
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  • We love making sunhacks the best that it can be and would be honored if you were interested in doing the same! If you are interested in mentoring, hosting a workshop, judging, or anything else that you feel could benefit sunhacks, please sign up here or email us at
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • what is a hackathon?
    • We consider a hackathon to be a 24-36 hour prototyping marathon. sunhacks is a 24 hour hackathon this Fall! Work on software or hardware solutions to real world problems, innovative projects, or anything you can think of (even if it’s a silly idea)!
  • who can hack?
    • Any student over the age of 18 can participate! Arizona State University students can attend in-person, however, we are limiting in-person participants at our venue and streaming studio, apply early to snag a spot. If you've recently graduated you can still participate if you're within one year of your graduation.
  • i've never programmed before, is it okay?
    • Yes! Programmers are not the only people who can participate at a hackathon. We have people from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of experience attend sunhacks. If you are new to programming, we also have mentors and workshops that can teach you how to code! All you need to do is attend, and we’ll support you the rest of the way!
  • how much does it cost to participate?
    • sunhacks costs zip, zilch and nada to participate! We will never charge you any sort of participation fee.
  • what are the rules?
    • Follow the MLH code of conduct! If you are participating with a team, a maximum of 4 people are allowed. Regardless of whether you are in a team or on your own, only one project can be submitted for the weekend.
  • can I be a mentor/judge/speaker?
    • Our participation rules apply (see: “who can hack”), but we are open to making exceptions where applicable. All are eligible to be a mentor or speaker regardless of prior experience, however, a hacker cannot be a judge. As we have limited space for speakers and judges, those will be selected based on talk or experience respectively and you will receive confirmation from us when it comes time.
  • can I request additional accommodations?
    • Absolutely. We will be providing closed captioning, expect our speakers to provide additional accessible resources, and have multiple methods of interacting with our event through Discord. However, we can always do better. We encourage you to inform us through our registration, volunteer form, or via email as soon as possible so we can incorporate your needs and continue shaping the environment toward a more inclusive future for all. If you have any questions reach out to us at
Sponsors and Partners
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Interested in sponsoring? Reach out to us at

Meet the Organizers
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