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sunhacks Logo: a power button with 7 spokes coming from it


October 9th - 11th, 2020

coming to a stream near you

Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

what is sunhacks?

sunhacks is a yearly Fall hackathon (ideathon, coding marathon, prototyping marathon, etc) designed to support students in their innovative journeys. sunhacks is for students of all skill levels, and our job as organizers is to support you by providing the resources you need to achieve your development dreams. We provide you with workshops, mentors, community connections, and peers who are motivated to help each other succeed and reach their goals.

A group of students holding up pickfork gestures at sunhacks opening ceremonies

big changes ahead!

This year, things are different. With the current situation and times ahead, we've have great news to share about this year's event!

completely virtual

We'll be using Discord, Twitch, and other streaming and platforms to host our virtual hackathon.

more accessible

We are open to all skill levels, ages, background, fields, and more. As long as you're a student you're in!

virtual workshops

We'll have our usual variety of workshops online and accessible through our online platform!


We know that things can be pretty intimidating when there's a lot of unknowns, so check out the some what ifs below! If you still have questions email us at


what do I do at a hackathon?




I don't know how to code / I don't think I'm good enough to attend

I'm stuck at home with no technology to work with!

what are the tracks / why aren't there any tracks?

so I hear there's prizes?

how can I be a mentor?